In the world of wearable technology, accuracy is king, especially when it comes to tracking hydration. At hDrop, we’re committed to providing the most reliable hydration tracking possible, but it’s important to address a fundamental truth: no device can claim 100% accuracy in measuring body hydration levels. Why? Because these devices, including ours, estimate whole-body hydration based on measurements from a specific body region.

Recent research, such as the study conducted by Baker et al., highlights the intricate relationship between regional and whole-body sweating rates and electrolyte concentrations. This research underscores a critical point: different body regions can yield varying hydration estimates.

As we expand our device’s capabilities from the upper arm to the chest, we’re not just moving a sensor; we’re adapting our algorithms to account for these physiological differences. This transition isn’t a simple switch but a complex recalibration. Each body location has its unique sweating profile, influenced by factors like sweat gland density and regional sweat electrolyte concentrations.

The expansion of our hDrop device to include chest measurement is a significant step forward in our quest for precision in hydration tracking. However, it’s important to recognize that each body location provides a unique perspective on hydration. Current research suggests that the triceps area, or the upper arm, is a particularly effective site for gathering hydration data. For those prioritizing accuracy, we recommend using the hDrop on your upper arm. As we continue to refine our algorithms for other body locations, our goal remains to approximate whole-body sweat rate as accurately as possible, enhancing both the reliability and efficacy of our device.

Our commitment to you, our users, is to continue refining our technology, informed by the latest scientific research. Remember, while no device can claim absolute accuracy in hydration tracking, we strive to provide the best estimation possible, tailored to your body and your needs.

Where can I place my hdrop?

This following image illustrates the best body placements for our hDrop device. We are currently working on expanding to new body locations soon!

How do I select the body location on the hDrop app?

To begin your activity with the hDrop, navigate to the HOME screen on your device and select the body location where you will be wearing the device. The default setting is the Upper Arm, but you have the flexibility to choose your preferred location. This step is crucial as the hDrop utilizes different algorithms tailored to each specific body location, ensuring that the data collected is processed accurately based on where the device is worn. 

The hDrop App will remember the body location selected for the future workouts.