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hDrop Garmin connect Tutorial

The following video will walk you through the connection between hDrop and Garmin devices.

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Not having good contact with your skin at all times can make the sensor give bad readings. Make sure the hDrop does not have contact with water or other fluid but sweat. 

It can happen. If this happens, add a little bit of water to the tip of your finger (just a tiny drop!), and you will get a reading. You should not do this often, but it will solve it short term. Also, consider warming your hands a little bit, sometimes really cold hands are hard to read for the sensor.

You can use alcohol prep pads. It is recommended to clean the sensor often. Gently clean the blue/black sensor using an alcohol prep pad, then let it dry for a few seconds. To clean the straps, a manual wash with water and soap will be the best. Then them dry on their own.

The patch and the algorithms developed by the hDrop Team are designed to be worn on one specific location— the upper arm. For the quick finger test, it requires to use your thumb. The algorithm that determines your sweat rate depends on a local to whole body ratio, which is unique to your upper arm or thumb depening on the type of activity you are doing. If you put the patch anywhere but right location (upper arm for light or intense activities, and thumb for quick finger readings),  your results will not be valid. Even if you get readings from the device, your test results will not be correct or scientifically valid.

The first thing we recommend doing is taking the battery of the device, waiting 5 seconds, and plugging it back in. This does a reset on the device and usually works all the times. If that does not solve it, try with a new battery. It is possible that your battery is dead. If you are still having problems, reach us out at [email protected] and we will have someone from our team to help you troubleshoot!

NO! hDrop is not a medical device. hDrop is a fitness tracker and you should not use your hDrop to make or take any medical decisions that could affect your health and wellness. Please consult with your physician.