Sweat Testing
Made Easy

hDrop, the first truly reusable hydration wearable sensor. Sweat testing for athletes made easy, flexible and affordable.

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Nail Your Personalized Hydration Plan

Muscle cramps, heat exhaustion, fatigue… Dehydration can impact your well-being before you even realize it and impair your athletic performance. The hDrop biosensor analyzes the biomarkers on your sweat and transform them into valuable data to take care of your performance.


Know when, what and how much to drink

Affordable & Sustainable

Say goodbye to disposable patches


Clip it to your watch, clothes or use our straps

Hydration Wearable Sensor Features

hDrop offers a new slick design, purposely crafted to fit your current workflow, being flexible with the tools and clothing you normally wear during your activities.

Rechargeable battery

Reusable Electrode Sensor


Wipe it. Clip it. Go!

Get individualized hydration tips based on sports science

The device delivers personal results based on your sweat, workout type, and body physiology. Linked with our hDrop App, it allows you to craft a personalized hydration plan.


Know when your body starts sweating

Track electrolyte changes in your sweat continuously

Discover your hDrop hydration baseline and try to keep it inside your zone

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Personalize your hydration preparation and recovery

Fluid loss

This refers to how much liquid your body loses when you exercise. Used to calculate hydration needs.

Sweat rate

This is how much you sweat in an hour. It's useful for figuring out your fluid loss.

Sodium loss

This is the amount of salt that you lose when you sweat. Used to calculate electrolyte needs.

Connect your devices with hDrop

More and enhanced integrations coming soon, designed for hDrop Gen 2

hDrop™ Sweat Zones

A new feature that allows you to understand your hydration in an easy and intuitive way during exercise. It is a tool to help you stay aware of your status, complement your hydration strategy, and be more prepared. It does not, in any case, replace the advice of a professional.

Concentrated Zone

This zone indicates that your sweat has less water and more salt. It could mean you might not be drinking enough plain water. 

Target Zone

This is the zone where the concentration of salts and the volume of your sweat are balanced, indicating that your sweat levels are within your regular range. 

Diluted Zone

This zone shows that your sweat has more water than usual. It suggest you might be drinking too much plain water, diluting the salts in your body and potentially needing more electrolytes. 

Operational Modes for our Sweat Sensor

Thumb Test

Place your thumb on the sensor for 80 seconds and receive an immediate range hydration score, offering an estimated snapshot of your current hydration status. (Good, Medium, Low)

Light Activity

Designed for individuals engaged in less strenuous activities like working at a desk, resting, or taking a light walk. Simply place your hDrop on your upper arm, wait to allow sweat capture, and then receive notifications.

Intense Activity

This mode provides real-time feedback on sweat rate, sodium and potassium loss, and other crucial metrics, helping you understand how your fluid intake affects your performance.