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hDrop Gen 2

Wearable Hydration Sensor

$249.99 & Free Shipping

Achieve Optimal Hydration
Real-time sweat loss, rate, and temperature tracking

Unlock Personalized Insights
Sodium and potassium estimation for custom hydration strategies

Uncompromised Comfort
Easy-to-wear design that integrates seamlessly into your workout routine

Reliable and Long-Lasting
Reusable with a rechargeable battery offering 36 hours of active use

Sweat-Proof and Durable
Designed to endure even the most intense physical activities

One-time investment, eliminating the recurring cost of disposable patches

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The device’s dimensions are as follows: 30mm (L) x 30mm (W) x 15mm (H).

The device has passed IP66 ratings, and we have successfully tested it under 0.5m of water. It is recommended to cover the device with an arm sleeve or neoprene (wetsuit). Note that if water gets in touch with the sensor, it will throw the results off (since it measures fluids!).

Why choose hDrop?


hDrop provides real-time sweat monitoring, delivering instant data on sweat loss, rate, and electrolyte levels.


Our hydration wearable features proprietary reusable electrode sensing technology, enabling accurate and rapid tracking of sweat metrics.


Our hydration biosensor offers personalized hydration strategies by assessing individual fluid and electrolyte losses during activities.

Why would you pay for every workout?

The burden of sweat patches

While disposable patches for hydration monitoring can seem convenient, they may prove costly in the long run, especially for regular athletes. For those who work out three times a week, the recurring cost of disposable patches, ranging from $5 to $12 each, quickly adds up. This continuous spending, month after month, year after year, can detract from the focus on what truly matters – achieving your peak performance.

Why we do not use disposable patches?

Exercising three times per week adds up a total of 144 workouts per year.
At a $5 per sweat patch the costs add up.
$ 720
Yearly using patches
  • Sticky on the skin
  • Harder to set up
  • Hairy bodies having problems
  • Failed patch, lost $5
  • Innacurate data
Reusable and designed to blend seamlessly with your daily gear
LEDs for pre-, during, and post-activity indications
Try hDrop Risk-Free

30 Days Returns Accepted

1 Year Warranty

This is what people said about hDrop

I am using hDrop to collect hydration information and mix it with all my other wearables. It helps me and my coach plan my races.

Martin L.


Really interesting technology with a lot of potential. I can see how what I drink affects my body and performance.

Jonny C.

Amateur Runner

It is been awesome being able to track hydration on my players. Some of them struggle with heat, and being able to benchmark them helped us buy the appropriate supplements.

Pablo T.

Tennis Coach

This device has the potential to become the next hydration gold standard.  It can detect when I start sweating, how fluid affects my body, and track my skin temperature during my training.

Nicole R.


Official USA Cycling Benefit Membership Provider

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