hDrop Technologies Launches Partnership With USA Cycling

USA Cycling members can receive 20% off on an hDrop device.

hDrop Technologies has launched a Member Benefit with USA Cycling, the national governing body for cycling in the United States. As a result of the partnership, all USA Cycling members can get the hDrop device at a 20% discount. While the USA Cycling High Performance Team will use and test the hDrop device, hDrop will provide data analytics for the team. With the sweat analytics data provided by the hDrop device, cyclists will be able to monitor their hydration levels and sweat rate as well as optimize their overall performance.

Reports show that 75% of Americans are chronologically dehydrated. While this is unarguably disadvantageous to the health, it becomes worse if cyclists do not maintain proper cycling hydration. Although cyclists are expected to drink small amounts of water every 10 to 15 minutes to remain fit and energized for every round, they sometimes do not know when they get dehydrated. Dehydration can lead to heat injury, urinary and kidney problems, low blood volume shock, seizures, and other complications. This is where hDrop comes in to help cyclists avoid these health complications by monitoring their hydration levels, temperature, and sweat analytics in real-time.

hDrop is a dehydration sensor that helps users track their electrolytes loss, enhance performance, and increase their energy levels. As the first non-invasive, long-lasting wearable device, it is highly efficient in calculating sweat rate, sodium loss, potassium loss, and body temperature. It is easy to use and captures sweat drops when placed on the arm of any user. Once the sweat drop is captured, it takes only 30 minutes to get live notifications of when, what, and how much water to drink.

“hDrop is designed for runners, cyclists, and athletes. If you want to keep your hydration on top during your workouts and competitions, hDrop is your solution. Get real-time feedback and understand how what you drink is affecting your performance. Monitor your sweat rate, sodium loss, potassium loss, and other interesting metrics to help you improve,” said hDrop Technologies’s Co-Founder.

For more information, visit https://hdroptech.com and https://usacycling.org

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