Hydration monitor Garmin

Is there a hydration monitor Garmin? Yes! hDrop is your solution. You can find it inside ConnectIQ and download it from the Garmin store. What to learn more?

You need to train in a way that makes sense for your personal biology, you can’t just train hard. This is especially important when it comes to your unique hydration needs. Real-time hydration analysis has historically been nearly impossible to access, but we are changing this!

A year ago, we built and released the first reusable biosensor able to analyze sweat and provide endurance athletes with personal hydration data, scientifically and lab-grade validated in real-time.

Pairing your Garmin with our hDrop device, you are on your way to understanding your personal biology with the hDrop App and hDrop Scores datafield! We are the first hydration wearable biosensor of its kind. Our device will evaluate the electrochemical biomarkers in your sweat such as Sodium and Potassium, send real-time updates to your phone, and integrate with your Garmin Bike computer and Watch. Correlate your sweat data and the training environment that Garmin provides (heart rate, temperature, power…).

Our device will provide post-workout hydration planning via insights on your hDrop App including fluid loss, electrolyte loss and sweat composition. What is your sweat rate? How do you calculate your sweat rate? How do you know your sodium loss? These questions will be answered through a sweat test using hDrop.

Test your workout’s environmental factors like the temperature, humidity, and heat index… and observe how they impact your hydration needs. Once you start sweating, our reusable sensor (yes, no patches) begins measuring and analyzing your fluid and electrolyte losses per hour – metrics that represent your unique “sweat composition.” This data is instantly streamed to our hDrop App, and can also be shared with your Garmin Watch or Garmin Bike Computer.

You can now know when, what, and how much to drink in real time! You can learn more about hDrop here: https://hdroptech.com/

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