Is there a watch that monitors hydration?

Is there a watch that monitors hydration? Currently, smartwatches can only estimate hydration status by either user input or through bioimpedance analysis. In order to accurately measure body water through bioimpedance, the user is required to stay still for a minute. If the user does not stay still, the user’s movement will generate noise to the bioimpedance signal, giving non-reliable results.

Our approach using hDrop is to use conductance instead, through our patented technology we measure electrolyte changes in your sweat in real-time. This method allows us to measure your hydration and electrolyte losses when you exercise, without the need of staying still. hDrop allows you to run a sweat test and determine what your needs will be during race day. Do you want to learn more about how to measure your sweat rate? Looking for a sweat test? Check out the device here:

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